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Feardrop Disclaimer

Please note that your use of Feardrop signifies that you are in agreement with the provisions of this disclaimer.

The Feardrop website was developed by the Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Tasmania in 2007. Feardrop was designed to help people reduce their anxiety or fear of objects (like spiders) by providing exposure to images or videos of these objects. Although Feardrop may reduce fear in some people, Feardrop staff do not claim that Feardrop will be helpful for every individual.

Please note that the Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Tasmania does not have the capacity to provide clinical advice or assistance if you require health or crisis services. If you need urgent medical or psychological assistance, please contact your local doctor/GP or other health professional or the emergency department of your local hospital.

The screening questions and anxiety ratings used by Feardrop are not designed to provide a diagnosis but are intended to provide information for tailoring the program to suit the user’s needs, to provide feedback on their progress, and to be used in research to evaluate the program. If you are feeling anxious or depressed we recommend that you talk to a health professional. Please note that the information on this web site is NOT a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by an appropriate health professional.

Where Feardrop provides links or references to internet websites and other resources operated by third parties, these are provided for your convenience only and the Discipline of Psychiatry (University of Tasmania) cannot be responsible for their content. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the materials supplied by third parties are accurate and reliable.

The World Wide Web is not a secure information network and, it is possible that a user’s transactions and usage may be viewed or monitored by third parties or that users may download files and documents that contain computer viruses or other contaminants that may effect the operation of the user’s computer as well as other systems, software, or data, linked with the user’s computer. The Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Tasmania is not responsible for any damage or interference to a user’s computer and property that may result from viruses or unauthorised third party activity.

The Discipline of Psychiatry (University of Tasmania) shall have no liability for claims by, or damages of any kind, to a user of this website or any other person, for a decision or action taken in relation to this website.

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